Are your loved ones managing?


What do you do when someone can’t manage at home any more?

At this time of year families tend to get together, and it might become apparent that a family member isn’t managing as well as we thought they were. In fact, they may have reached a point where they need care.

When a person first needs care, it can be like stepping onto a different planet. Here are a few of the things you need to do:

  • Get the right care assessments and state benefits
  • Find the right care, whether that’s in a care home or at home
  • Work out who’s going to pay for it and how to make the money last…

As the individual may be elderly, or have suffered a debilitating injury, the burden usually falls on someone else.

I help the ‘someone else’ to

  • Make sure their relative or friend gets the right care
  • Make the money last as long as possible
  • Ensuring the person can live where they want to for as long as they want to

Take suitably qualified advice

Despite fees averaging over £29,000 a year1 only 13% of people funding their own care get professional financial advice from a qualified adviser2. As a result 1 in every 4 runs out of money and has to fall back on the state for help3.

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