Boris Johnson said he'd do "everything I possibly can" to help groups including WASPI and Back to 60 - but Tory Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd said she's "sceptical" they'll get extra cash
The truth is dawning on the markets that, with Boris Johnson as prime minister, we are heading for a No Deal Brexit whether we like it or not.
Increasing women's state pension age from 60 to 65 (and later to 66) was never going to be popular or an easy sell. It was therefore vital that the decision was clearly and sensibly communicated.
Report finds at least 630,000 will be unable to afford private rents on their pension income
Maggie Briley, 64, of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, said she had no idea her pension age was rising and by the time she learned she would have to wait til 65 she had already quit her full-time job.

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