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ProtectionProlonged ill health, disability and death are all major threats to a family’s financial security.

Whilst these are not subjects that are particularly pleasant to think about, it is sensible to consider the following basic points:

  • Could your family cope without the financial security that your regular income gives them?
  • What would be the likely financial effects of you suffering a long term illness or disability?
  • Bearing in mind the above, are you confident you have adequate protection? 

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It is important to review your insurance arrangements regularly. As circumstances change, so do your insurance needs. A change of house, an addition to the family, a change of job, redundancy or retirement, these are all factors which could influence your insurance needs. The costs of each different type of insurance will also vary according to a number of factors such as your age, sex, occupation, period of cover and amount of cover.

So if you are reviewing your Protection options…

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