Keeping your investments in tune

Tune pianoWe recently rescued a piano, which was sadly rather out of tune. The piano tuner came today to tune it. To get it playing well and sounding beautiful, the strings need to be at the right tension and the hammers in good condition so they hit the strings well. It also needs to be easy to play, so the keys shouldn’t keep getting stuck. Once these things are sorted out, the piano also needs to be retuned again regularly to keep it up to scratch.

Unfortunately our poor piano was old and had been somewhat neglected and is now beyond repair, so we’ll have to send it to piano heaven and get a replacement.

Often our finances can be the same. It’s easy to leave the arrangements that we have made in the past, because they worked well when we bought them. Over the years, the investments held within our ISAs, bonds or pensions may be working less well, or there may now be a better way of doing what we were trying to achieve. We can now access many providers’ plans online, or at least consolidate a number of holdings into one place, making them far easier to administer.

Having someone retune your investments means that you can make sure that what you have is still the best way to reach your financial goals. It also means that if your existing setup is out of kilter with what you need, you can replace it with a more appropriate option, or just tweak some of the individual parts. Regular reviews can then make sure that it never gets too far out of tune again.


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