New Year’s Resolution

I am sitting writing this article just before Christmas. Last week we had the General Election and whether we are happy or not with the result I am sure most would agree that the people of this country sent a clear message that they wanted the Government to sort things out so that we can move forward.

As we enter a new year it’s a time when we consider our New Year’s resolutions. What are yours going to be this year? If you’re having difficulties deciding what they should be and need some help, here’s our advice.

I always think there should be something that we could do to improve our lives or position in life. There are certainly ways in which as individuals we can move forward. So what do I feel is a good starting point? This would be to look back at last year and ask yourself whether you were happy with the way it went, and if not what could you do to improve it. Then try to make your resolution based upon how to improve. For example if you believe you worked too hard and you should have more downtime make it your resolution and include how much downtime you should have.

This will be more meaningful than just saying I am going to give up chocolate for example, and I believe the more meaningful the resolutions, the more likely you will achieve them and hopefully next year when you complete the same exercise you will be more prepared.

As an adviser, I always feel you should include a financial resolution. This should not be just what you are going to improve upon but should also outline exactly what you want to achieve. With our clients we hold annual reviews and this is what we try to do as part of this review.

Also, I believe that any goal or resolution needs to be written down and clear about how it can be achieved. So don’t leave them to the last minute, take the time to sit down and really think about what you want and if you feel this is too much to expect to achieve in one year, consider what steps you can take to make it happen.

We do offer a free, without obligation consultation so if you need a hand give us a call and hopefully we can hold your hand through the process and help you to reach your goal.

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